Landscape Contractors in Bristol | The Benefits of Patio Laying

Brothers Fencing & Landscaping Ltd offers a wide range of garden renovation services in Bristol, including everything from groundworks to patio laying. We also construct new garden fencing and lay decking in a variety of styles. You can visit our testimonials page to find out more about the services our landscape contractors provide. Or keep reading below to discover the benefits of a patio installation in your back garden.

Patios are versatile hardstandings that can improve your garden aesthetically and enhance outdoor space in a practical sense, providing a mud-free area to dine, socialise and relax outside.

There are many materials, colours, styles and designs to choose from, though any quality paving installation will transform your home’s exterior.

Furthermore, there is a paving option to match every type of property, and we can blend your new outdoor living space with the theme of your interior.

Below, we detail just some of the benefits of new patio installations:

  • Multiple Surface Options

  • Aesthetic Improvements

  • Added Market Value

  • Low Maintenance Solutions


Options for Everyone

As mentioned, there are patio paving options to suit every taste. Both natural and man-made materials are available, and we will construct a patio that complements your property and landscape. Paving is generally durable and easy to maintain, and some materials offer incredible resistance to the elements, which prevents wear.

Whether you want to achieve a modern or traditional look, our team will produce the highest-quality results. 

At Brothers Fencing & Landscaping Ltd, our landscape contractors carry out garden renovation projects across Bristol. 

Our services include groundworks to prepare your site for the construction of hard standings and we also undertake patio laying.

And if you need a contractor to install new garden fencing and decking, our experienced team is the perfect choice.


Improved Aesthetic Appeal

A well-designed patio will transform your garden with a visually pleasing and practical outdoor living space to relax, dine or entertain guests. With this added wow factor, you will also see a return on your investment. Our patio services will enhance your living environment, but should you decide to sell at any stage, it will attract more potential buyers and increase your property’s value.


As we have mentioned, patios are usually low-maintenance. Regularly sweeping the surface will keep it clear of dirt and debris, and ensuring repairs are carried out as soon as possible will limit severe damage and the need for more costly and time-consuming replacements.

Since patios are much easier to maintain than areas like lawns, the bigger your patio, the less maintenance your garden will require. This translates to spending any free time enjoying your outdoor space instead of looking after it.

These are just a few of the benefits of a patio installation. 

When you need landscape contractors to undertake groundworks and patio laying in Bristol, Brothers Fencing & Landscaping Ltd is the team to trust. 

Our team specialises in garden renovation. As experienced contractors, we also install new garden fencing and decking.

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